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Many can claim to be industry leaders, but when you're dealing with an A+ supplier like Brighter Promotions you know that its the truth. The entire team at Brighter Promotions is proud of the A+ supplier designation that we have achieved through the SAGE. 

What does working with an A+ Supplier mean to you? 

  • It means that from the moment you call and speak to one of our talented sales reps you will  experience our white glove treatment.  The average industry experience of our team is over 10 years.
  • It means knowing that you will get exactly what you expect without surprise
  • It means that when you deal with us, you don't have to worry about your customers feeling disappointed.
  • It means that the guess work of dealing with an unproven supplier is eliminated. 
  • It means that through a 3 level Quality Control process that your item arrives just as you expect it, with a clean imprint and high quality performing product. 
  • In short, that new clients program that you're entrusting with us turns into repeat business for years to come!

We're not beyond mistakes, no one is, what matters when they do occur is how it is rectified.  On the off chance that anything is amiss we will do everything possible to correct it and get your clients program off without a hitch.  Have an issue?  CALL US day or night and we will impress

Agree with the the 5 Star designation?  Then Log onto onto ESP or SAGE and look for “Rate a Supplier”.

Don't agree? Call us and we will make you a believer!

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